WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR is a group of performers and the works they perform.

Our performances look like lectures (suits, podiums, slide shows, the works), but are much more theatrical. For instance: there is music. We create complex and fast paced situations which are also engaging and affable.

We tackle big ideas like love, time travel, and family but we attempt to connect these large ideas to as many small ideas as we can in the interest of uncovering unexpected relationships. We aim not only to explain as much as we possibly can about as much as there is to explain, but we also aim to have fun in the process. In the end, it is not uncommon to have uncovered more questions than answers, but hopefully some parts of the periphery will seem a little more connected.

Whatweknowsofar is directed by:

MIKE RUGNETTA - Text. Music.

PATRICK DAVISON - Text. Visuals.


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Patrick gave a talk at Web2.0 Expo!

Posted on 13-Oct-11 by Mike. Comments Off on Patrick gave a talk at Web2.0 Expo!

we know you will love it

MemeFactory Kitten Camp PDF

Posted on 27-Mar-11 by Mike. Comments Off on MemeFactory Kitten Camp PDF

Here’s the MemeFactory Kitten Camp Presentation PDF!

This one is a single projector job and we kept pretty close to our ten minute time slot, but there’s some good stuff and ideas in there. This is the first time we talk about the altruism angle we’re hoping to work into the forthcoming MemeFactory Book.

This PDF and the content within is licensed CC-BY, so have fun!

MemeFactory Writes A Book!

Posted on 07-Mar-11 by Mike. Comments Off on MemeFactory Writes A Book!

On the way back from a trip to Brazil as goodwill American Memebassadors to Social Media Week São Paulo, we got to talking (the plane ride and customs line were really long). More than a year ago, a friend looked at us after a MemeFactory performance and said “you guys should write a book.” We all laughed. When a stranger said the same thing two months ago, we stroked our collective beard in deep consideration…


MemeFactory Brasil PDF

Posted on 16-Feb-11 by Mike. Comments Off on MemeFactory Brasil PDF


So we’ve been talking for forever about doing this, and it worked out that this most recent MemeFactory was the first in a while that was at a good cross-section of appropriate for PDF-ification and easy enough to make happen. So here it is. It ain’t perfect, but it’ll get the job done for all you people who want to quote us… why you’d want to do that in the first place… well… that’s your deal I guess.

We may or may not PDF our past shows, but will more than likely try to PDF all our future shows. So look forward to more of this extra-wide document goodness. And incase you’re curious, this shiz is:

MemeFactory Brasil Video!

Posted on 16-Feb-11 by Mike. Comments Off on MemeFactory Brasil Video!

You might not know it from reading this website – WHOOPS, SORRY EVERYBODY NOTHING TO SEE HERE APPARENTLY – but WWKSF went to Brasil at the beginning of the month with MemeFactory. Social Media Week Sao Paulo was kind enough to invite us to keynote the second evening of talks and it was a blast!

Memestarter Bookfactory!


Relativity Sketches


When we said we were going to take 2010 as a development year, we didn’t really plan on going as far into hiding as we did (well…”hiding” considering this was the busiest year for yet MemeFactory). Regardless, we’ve spent a good part of the last year putting together plans for 2011 and 2012, which will – funding and support pending – come to fruition starting in the spring. (more…)

A While Ago I Gave An Ignite Talk


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WWKSF on the Conflux Blog


The folks over at The Conflux Festival asked us some questions about our work: developments after last years Conflux performance, what we’ve been up to recently and our thoughts on the ever-changing technology landscape, and how we’re able to ship our product at such a massive scale while insuring no damage. We told the, that we use an impact monitoring system for shipments, you can click here to see more about this type of technology.

Late Night Forwards\Backwards Music Preview


<a href="http://mikerugnetta.bandcamp.com/album/forwards-backwards">Magellan, pt 2 by mikerugnetta</a>