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MAP Fund Application in; fingers crossed.

It’s been one year already. After much advice seeking, some hemming, some hawing, and a few sleepless nights, Patrick and I have applied for a MAP Fund Grant again. This is the second time we’ve applied with the evening length performance of Pressure; we’re hoping to go up in Spring of 2011.

Last year we made it into the second round, and got many great comments and plenty of advice. The really wonderful thing about MAP is their intense transparency. Being young artists in New York, there’s plenty we are unfamiliar with but the degree to which MAP is dedicated to helping you understand is amazing. Really, all the thanks goes to their Program Director Moira Brennan. She might be the nicest, most helpful person working in the arts.

Anyway, enough effusiveness. Last year our biggest hurdle was the budget; and rightly so. On top of wholly fulfilling the stereotype of being artists who know nothing about managing money, we barely even knew what we needed money for: all we knew was it seemed like a really good idea to ask for it. We’re sure that fact was very clear, but in the end it ended up being a great experience. We learned alot about the piece, about our work in general, and about the nature of our collaboration. Since then we’ve both come along way professionally and artistically, and we feel really good about our application.

Hopefully the MAP Folks feel the same way as we do (though there is an ugly rumor going around that they don’t even consider you until you’ve applied four times. I dont buy it). Either way – even if the evening length Pressure doesn’t get picked up by MAP, we still have plenty of other, smaller shows to keep us busy. Really though, any positive energy you can send our way would be greatly appreciated.

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