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Probability @ The Texas Firehouse This Saturday!


This coming Saturday the 13th @ 8pm we’re going to be performing at the Texas Firehouse in Long Island City, Queens. We’ll be premiering a work in progress version of Probability, the 3rd Act of Pressure, a piece for one vocalist, Google Earth and music.

We’ve been working day and night the last couple weeks designing custom 3D models, wrestling with Google Earth, learning kml and exporting stupid-high-def video for projection. So we’re really excited about this one, and since its a work in progress, we’re really excited to hear your feedback. So hey! Come on by!

We’re performing as part of an opening of mostly (I think) visual art, so before and after we do our thing there will be plenty of fun and drinks and fun. See you there!

p.s. Show copy and map of location after the jump.

Given the set of all the possible locations of all the people you know and the set of all the places you could possibly be at any given time, we purport that the union of all of these pieces of information (the people you know, the places they might be, the places you might be and each’s independent vector in time) is calculable. This intersection – namely “running into someone you know on the street” – maintains several curious characteristics which Probability will seek to explain intuitively, programmatically and logically. It will fail, charmingly, on all accounts.

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