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An Evening of Works by WWKSF @ 3rd Ward


On Thursday August 13th, WWKSF will be presenting an evening works including a revised and updated (since April!) Hannah Complex, the premiere of two brand spanking new video pieces and a shorter, updated, MemeFactory.

Personnel includes (but is not limited to, and in no particular order): Kate Reilly, Eric Grundhauser, Guy Snover, Matt Kugler, Stephen Bruckert, Karen Lanyi, Patrick Davison, Mike Rugnetta…and a bunch more.

We hope to see you there!

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At the center of the evening is The Hannah Complex, a performance for two vocalists, slide show and music. The Hannah Complex is about reality, and the ways in which we, as members of it, are able to interact with and even control it. It sounds complicated, we know, but don’t worry – it involves Hannah Montana. The Hannah Complex explains why it is certain images seek to replicate themselves endlessly, and why some of us are capable of being at once ourselves and also … well … anyone else.

A video piece for 5 voices and cut up, filtered text from Spam emails. Including everything from a weatherman to sportscaster and Correspondents in the Field, New News has all the looks of a real broadcast news show and exactly the same amount of meaningless drivel to match.

A video piece for 1 vocalist, visual aid and music. As the world economy gets progressively worse, foreign nations are calling in their debts. Most notably are the words which were loaned to the English language for temporary usage. As we can no longer keep current on payments resulting from the use of such popular words as alcohol, ketchup and zombie… Loan Words offers some suggestions of replacement words for these and other lexical outliers.

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The Memescape changes overnight, and since our last MemeFactory show at 3rd Ward there have been alot of nights. Much has changed, disappeared or been created. This shortened performance doesn’t include an audience participation element (at least not in the same way we did it last time) but will certainly get all those interested up to date in the latest of silly Internet Media Trends.

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