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Sept. 18th @ 2p: Probability at Conflux Festival

We’re really happy to announce we’ve been asked to be a part of this years Conflux Festival. The first part of the whole shindig is taking place at NYU Steinhardt’s Barney Building, and we’ll be there at 2pm on Friday September 18th.

We’re going to be performing the first part of Probability, and then taking the audience on a guided tour of Google Sketchup and Google Earth Pro. The end goal is to have everyone create their own 3D models, embed them in Google Earth and then create a camera path to move around them. It’s alot, lot harder than it sounds – but provides some really cool technical hurdles.

Anyway, all the infos is below. We hope to see you there!

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Probability is a performance for one vocalist and Google Earth about the likelihood you will run into someone you know on the street in New York. After the show, the performers will instruct the audience on how to construct simple 3D models and text in Google Sketch-Up, embed them in Google Earth and create custom fly-through paths to be exported as video.

Using a combination of Google Earth Flythroughs, custom made 3D models and animations, the vocalist seeks to intuit, calculate and develop theoretical models for what seems to be nigh impossible: running into someone you know on the streets of New York City. The performance is about 20 minutes long and will culminate in a Google Earth hacking session where members of the audience will learn how to create simple models in Google Sketchup, drop them into Google Earth Pro and program the camera to fly around them.

Given the set of all the possible locations of all the people you know and the set of all the places you could possibly be at any given time, we purport that the union of all of these pieces of information (the people you know, the places they might be, the places you might be and each’s independent vector in time) is calculable. This intersection – namely “running into someone you know on the street” – maintains several curious characteristics which Probability will seek to explain intuitively, programmatically and logically. It fails, charmingly, on all accounts.

Note: Participants should come with Google Sketchup, Google Earth and Smultron (or similar text editing program) installed on their computer. If they’d like to make videos from their flythroughs, they should have either Snapz Pro or Google Earth Pro (preferred) installed.