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Relativity Sketches

When we said we were going to take 2010 as a development year, we didn’t really plan on going as far into hiding as we did (well…”hiding” considering this was the busiest year for yet MemeFactory). Regardless, we’ve spent a good part of the last year putting together plans for 2011 and 2012, which will – funding and support pending – come to fruition starting in the spring. Nothing huge, no full productions in the works, but hopefully some sketches and works-in-progress of upcoming and in-development shows.

Pressure – and by extension Probability and Proximity – got tabled for 2010 but are now back at the drawing board. We’re hoping to get some funding to develop software which simulates Brownian motion for both the music and visuals of Proximity. The same goes for Probability, except we’re continuing to work with Google Maps and Sketchup in a way which has never – as far as we know – been done in performance yet.

The new big ticket item for this year is Relativity, a performance which aims to take the 1:1 ratio of spoken-words:visuals we developed in Forwards\Backwards to the next level. We’re still sussing out many of the big details of the show mechanic, but we’re working on a fast-paced performance system which is going to be able to keep up with the performer (not the other way around like in Fwds/Bkwds). We’re looking at Relativity to be our first multi-channel video piece besides MemeFactory and probably our first ever to use a video system which is not based in Keynote.

The sketch above details a small system which allows the performer to cue his or her own slides, since they would be best as indicating where in the text they are (think one button press and therefore one slide per word/syllable). The opposite page sketches out a system which would create a natural doppler effect by allowing the reinforcement in the room to be lowered and spun at a high speed. This is definitely an effect of my having worked on SIREN, and is related to the idea of Relative position effecting the perception of a physical phenomena.

As it stands right now, Relativity is still based almost entirely on the text of Einstein’s special and general theories of relativity. That may or may not be augmented by other bits of text- original or otherwise – but is at this point unlikely to change. Looking forward to developing both the video and visual control system for this one in the coming months. Look for updates as they happen!