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MemeFactory Writes A Book!

On the way back from a trip to Brazil as goodwill American Memebassadors to Social Media Week São Paulo, we got to talking (the plane ride and customs line were really long). More than a year ago, a friend looked at us after a MemeFactory performance and said “you guys should write a book.” We all laughed. When a stranger said the same thing two months ago, we stroked our collective beard in deep consideration…

After some careful planning and more self-publishing research than we ever thought we’d do, we’ve decided we’re ready to embark on this adventure. So we’ve started some drafts, put together an outline and are funding the whole thing on Kickstarter.

We’ve spent the last two years developing ideas, theories and philosophies about internet culture and everything surrounding it.

We’re all three of us very opinionated and have a lot to say on the matter, which is not surprising seeing as how we’ve performed the show more than a dozen times now and it’s been different every time. We’re constantly rewriting, rethinking, re- (and over-) analyzing.

The problem is that while a fast-paced performative lecture is great for showing funny pictures, it’s not exactly suited for presenting the minutiae of some of these ideas we’ve developed and becomes really enamored with over the last two years. So we’d been searching for another outlet. Change the MemeFactory format? Naw. Write research papers for scholarly journals? Those guys don’t like jokes as much as we do. Rent out billboard space? Seems flashy.

So by the end of August, we hope to have a book. Like a real book, made of paper. We’re gonna sell it at our shows and maybe other places if people really seem to like it. But there will also be a free PDF on this website. And everything – the words, images, design, everything – is going to be licensed CC-BY. Because that’s how we roll.

Once it’s published, we’re also going to open up our MemeFactory Research Database, a little vault of media and ideas we’re using to put the book together and to store all the media for every MemeFactory show past and future.

There’s a ton more info – including the outline of the book – at our Kickstarter Project Page. We’ll hope you take a look, and we’ll double-extra-super-hope you’ll support our cause.

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