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5 Sisters

5 sisters is – of course – a piece about family. But the idea of family as it extends far beyond a relationship dictated by blood. 5 sisters is a piece for 5 female vocalists (the sisters) and one male vocalist (the director). Each voice has his or her own projection screen displaying visuals which help to illustrate what the performer is saying, but also help in displaying his or her unspoken thoughts.

5 sisters begins as an exploration of archetypes. The five female characters – Caroline, Catherine, Charlotte, Margaret and Marian – simultaneously detail and explain their respective roles within the family. The traveling sister, the career sister, the artist sister, the good sister, the cynical sister. Through conversations with each other, and prompting by the director, unspoken and unexpected relationships begin to develop, and the sisters begin to take on characteristics displayed by many other forms of “family”.

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