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Hannah Complex

Full Performance, 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. Please excuse the poor sound quality.

Video excerpt, WIP reading @ Stain Bar in Brooklyn

The Hannah Complex is a lecture in one act for two vocalists, chamber orchestra (or pre-recorded music), and slide-show. It had a work-in-progress performance at Stain Bar in Brooklyn, New York on Monday October 27th, 2008. Patrick and Mike co-wrote, co-directed and co-starred. Patrick also designed the slides which were operated by Jo Lampert. This WIP performance was produced by Meat and Bone Theatre Co, and did not include a musical element or a full set of visuals. The Hannah Complex has had subsequent remountings at The Judson Memorial Church (4/27/09) and 3rd Ward (8/13/09). Eric Grundhauser and Kate Reilly performed, with Karen Lanyi doing hair, makeup and costumes.

What is reality? And how does it work? How are we able to make sense of the differences between it and fiction? But wait… what is sense? We all share it – there is a “common sense” – but how did it develop? Can there be more than one common sense?

The Hannah Complex is about reality, and the ways in which we, as members of it, are able to interact with and even control it. It sounds complicated and lofty, we know, but don’t worry we start small. Two vocalists begin with an explanation of common sense, and a straight forward comparison of fiction and non-fiction, and approach some interesting ideas about evolutionary theory, multiple personalities and the secret lives of pop stars. The Hannah Complex explains why it is certain images seek to replicate themselves endlessly, and why some of us are capable of being at once ourselves and also … well … anyone else.

Related Updates:

Hannah Complex video posted


Video of Thursday night’s performance of Hannah Complex has just been posted on the Hannah page. Check it out.

Dumbo Books of Brooklyn


The folks over at Dumbo Books of Brooklyn have written a really great, insightful post on our show at 3rd Ward. Thanks, guys!

An Evening of Works by WWKSF @ 3rd Ward


On Thursday August 13th, WWKSF will be presenting an evening works including a revised and updated (since April!) Hannah Complex, the premiere of two brand spanking new video pieces and a shorter, updated, MemeFactory.

Personnel includes (but is not limited to, and in no particular order): Kate Reilly, Eric Grundhauser, Guy Snover, Matt Kugler, Stephen Bruckert, Karen Lanyi, Patrick Davison, Mike Rugnetta…and a bunch more.

We hope to see you there!


Hannah Complex Transcript and Slides

We’ve been working on Hannah Complex a lot 1) for the partial showing at Meat and Bone’s anniversary, and 2) for the show at 3rd Ward. It’s getting a pretty big overhaul, and will probably have a lot of new content come August 13th. Attached below is a PDF with the full show text and all of the visuals as they stand now. You can download to your hearts content.



Hannah Complex at The Market Hotel

Here’s the first 5 minutes of the show put on for Meat and Bone’s 1 yr “boniversary.”

We’ve been busy!

We’re hard at work on a bunch of new stuff, and polishing up some older work. We have a bunch of upcoming shows which we’ll post about within the next couple days: 3rd Ward, NYU and beyond (maybe even Texas and Canada? Who knows!).






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On the way…

To those of you who asked if we could make the text for Hannah Complex available, my apologies. It’s on my list of things to get done this week as Patrick and I are preparing for the KYM / URLESQUE Meme Party show and the Texas Firehouse show, with many storage units with the Big-Yellow storage prices. Also coming within the next week or so should be better looking video documentation of Judson Hannah.






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Drama vs Whatever-the-antonym-of-Drama-is.


Between our work-in-progress reading of The Hannah Complex and this most recent performance at Movement Research at Judson Memorial Church, many things about the show changed. Actually, most things. Most notably, Patrick and I did not perform the piece at Judson. Every slide changed. Much of mine and Patrick’s text changed. A musical score was added. And to the chagrin of some, one whole element of the show was completely removed: each vocalists acknowledgment of the other.

The Hannah Complex, Judson Post Mortem


photo by Willie Davis for Movement Research

This most recent staging of The Hannah Complex marks the second time Patrick and I have produced a “finished work” (in quotes a few reasons, which I’ll get to later). The first in the list of finished works is Act 1 of Pressure, which was produced by Avant Media. I’ve left MemeFactory out of this list for a few reasons, the easiest of which to communicate is the fact that because of the nature of the material, MemeFactory will never really be “finished.” Additionally, though MemeFactory looks much like the rest of our work, I don’t consider it as much of a “performance” as I do The Hannah Complex and Pressure.

Regardless, in the spirit of the experimental nature of our work, and in doing our best to actually communicate what we know so far, what follows is somewhat of a post-mortem for The Hannah Complex premiere as part of Movement Research @ Judson Memorial Church’s 2009 ROLL CALL Festival. Though it serves mostly as an exercise towards the end goal of perfecting the performance of our work, I thought it might be interesting for those who enjoy our work or are trying to make performance work of their own.