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Three gentlemen with five computers and three projectors take the audience on a fast-paced and whirlwind tour of every major internet meme, famous piece of internet media and upwards of three hours of youTube footage over the course of one and one half of one hour. The modus is not depth, but breadth, and constant audience participation. The goal of the evening is to produce an audience generated entry of every internet phenomenon as possible, including but not limited to: LOLCats, Bouncing GIFs, Me Singing [blank], Reaction Videos, Folk Covers of Hip Hop Classics, FAILs, Redubbed music videos, and more. You can think of it as somewhere between a lecture, vaudeville and Double Dare.

There is also a separate page for MemeFactory NYU.

You can find media from all previous Memefactories on flickr, vimeo and bandcamp. We’re working on getting this all better organized, so if you notice something is missing or can’t find something – let us know!

Related Updates:

MemeFactory Kitten Camp PDF

Here’s the MemeFactory Kitten Camp Presentation PDF!

This one is a single projector job and we kept pretty close to our ten minute time slot, but there’s some good stuff and ideas in there. This is the first time we talk about the altruism angle we’re hoping to work into the forthcoming MemeFactory Book.

This PDF and the content within is licensed CC-BY, so have fun!

MemeFactory Writes A Book!

On the way back from a trip to Brazil as goodwill American Memebassadors to Social Media Week São Paulo, we got to talking (the plane ride and customs line were really long). More than a year ago, a friend looked at us after a MemeFactory performance and said “you guys should write a book.” We all laughed. When a stranger said the same thing two months ago, we stroked our collective beard in deep consideration…


MemeFactory Brasil PDF


So we’ve been talking for forever about doing this, and it worked out that this most recent MemeFactory was the first in a while that was at a good cross-section of appropriate for PDF-ification and easy enough to make happen. So here it is. It ain’t perfect, but it’ll get the job done for all you people who want to quote us… why you’d want to do that in the first place… well… that’s your deal I guess.

We may or may not PDF our past shows, but will more than likely try to PDF all our future shows. So look forward to more of this extra-wide document goodness. And incase you’re curious, this shiz is:

MemeFactory Brasil Video!

You might not know it from reading this website – WHOOPS, SORRY EVERYBODY NOTHING TO SEE HERE APPARENTLY – but WWKSF went to Brasil at the beginning of the month with MemeFactory. Social Media Week Sao Paulo was kind enough to invite us to keynote the second evening of talks and it was a blast!

WWKSF on the Conflux Blog

The folks over at The Conflux Festival asked us some questions about our work: developments after last years Conflux performance, what we’ve been up to recently and our thoughts on the ever-changing technology landscape, and how we’re able to ship our product at such a massive scale while insuring no damage. We told the, that we use an impact monitoring system for shipments, you can click here to see more about this type of technology.

MemeFactory at Open Video Conf. 2010


The Open Video Conference (OVC) is a multi-day summit of thought leaders in business, academia, art, and activism to explore the future of online video.

This year, MemeFactory will be attending to deliver a brand-new all-open all-video performance. Slated for this time around: iPhone controlled laptops, TCP/IP coordinated Keynotes, live-tweeted attribution, HTML 5 supported streaming simulcast, and MORE FUNNY, EMBARRASSING, AND CONFUSING VIDEOS THAN YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN ONE PLACE BEFORE IN YOUR LIFE.

If you’re in New York in October, come on down to Open Video Conference


Long time coming, but thanks to an impatient audience member, we finally got this one uploaded. Hurrah!






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Oh Snap, its 2010!

We’re in the middle of developing – and hopefully will soon begin executing – our plan for 2010. We had a really successful 2009 and we owe that to the literally hundreds of people who came out to see our shows at 3rd Ward, Judson Memorial Church, and NYU just to name a few. We never imagined shows about Hannah Montana and pictures of cats from the internet and through social media graphic design tools would draw enough of a crowd that we’d have standing room only in a 200+ seat auditorium, so as performers and performance-makers we’re thrilled for all the support.

So on that note, if 2009 was our year to perform as much as we possibly could, we’re going to be spending 2010 making as much as we can. Which means you’re probably going to be seeing less of us IRL over the next 9 to 12 months, but we’ll be making frequent updates here and hopefully producing a wealth of online / media only content through this site https://www.webdesign499.com/how-bounce-rates-impact-your-seo-efficacy/.







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