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New News

A video piece for 5 voices and text from Spam emails. Including everything from a weatherman to sportscaster and Correspondents in the Field, New News has all the looks of a real broadcast news show and exactly the same amount of meaningless drivel to match.

Performed by:
Judy Chen
Joel Jones
Jennifer Breslin
Matthew-Lee Erlbach
Mike Rugnetta

Tech Staff:
Karen Lanyi – Hair and Makeup
Guy Snover – Set Construction
Michael Hauer – Lights
Nate Spengler – Lights

Production note:
The teleprompter we constructed to do this performance was built from plans found here. But we didn’t pay $160 or whatever it is for teleprompter glass. We went to Sam the Glazier in Bushwick and bought a $12 piece of two-way-mirror and it works perfectly

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Dumbo Books of Brooklyn


The folks over at Dumbo Books of Brooklyn have written a really great, insightful post on our show at 3rd Ward. Thanks, guys!

An Evening of Works by WWKSF @ 3rd Ward


On Thursday August 13th, WWKSF will be presenting an evening works including a revised and updated (since April!) Hannah Complex, the premiere of two brand spanking new video pieces and a shorter, updated, MemeFactory.

Personnel includes (but is not limited to, and in no particular order): Kate Reilly, Eric Grundhauser, Guy Snover, Matt Kugler, Stephen Bruckert, Karen Lanyi, Patrick Davison, Mike Rugnetta…and a bunch more.

We hope to see you there!


New News Call


We are Mike Rugnetta and Patrick Davison – writer’s and director’s of internet-influenced performance work.

We are looking for performers to play news anchors and personnel, of any age range, ethnicity, or gender. A diverse cast is extremely desirable, if not necessary. Performers should be comfortable speaking quickly and clearly, with authority, and giving off an air of “polish”.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: email me, Patrick at patrick.davison@gmail.com


We are shooting a short video titled New News that combines the form of a news broadcast with the content of internet Spam. The video will be short (3 min. max) and involve 4 – 6 performers (male anchor, female anchor, female correspondent, male sportscaster, male weatherman, female interview subject).


We hope to shoot the weekend of July 24 – 26. There will be 2 rehearsals that week (none of the material need be memorized), and one day of shooting.


We have a residency and studio space at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, near the Morgan Stop on the L. This is where rehearsals and shoots would happen.


Conceptually, we make work like this to try and point at the way in which “information culture” is changing. That means that knowing things is different than it used to be, information is distributed through new means. Combing old forms with new is a way of making this change apparent.

Technically, we are excited to be making video work, rather than documenting performance work, because it will be better suited to distribution on the web, and will therefore allow us to reach an audience of people unable or interested in coming to see live shows.

Practically, we will be releasing and screening the video as part of a night of performance work at 3rd Ward on August 13th. It will go along with 2 performance pieces and 1 other video. Additionally, the 2 videos will be freely available on the web, will be used to promote our work, and as a submission piece to short film festivals, and new media submissions. It is very likely that New News will form the basis for a Rhizome submission for internet-related art in the coming year.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay money for services rendered. We have received a small sum for our residency to pay for the technical equipment necessary to make this work, but don’t have any budget to pay people (including ourselves). We do not enjoy this fact, but it is, after all, a fact. It is also not likely, in the least, that this work will generate later revenue in the future, so if you’re interested in doing this work, then it should be for the sake of the work itself.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED: email me, Patrick at patrick.davison@gmail.com

Pasted below are a few examples of the text, to give you an idea of what we’ll be working with.


[Female Anchor]: Good evening. Thank you for joining us for tonight’s New News Broadcast, we want to get right to tonight’s top story. Permit me to introduce myself to you.

I am Desmond Eyadema, from Madrid-Spain, I will like to ask for your assistance to resolve and transfer into your account the total sum of $6.5 Million Dollars.


[Male Anchor]: Thanks Wendy. In consumer news, your email address has
been submitted to us indicating your interest in our briefing. This is not multi-level marketing! Why work for somebody else when you can become rich within 16 DAYS? Have you ever noticed people love convenience and nearly every commercial on television has a .com on in it. Well, now is your chance to capitalize on this! Ms Ames of Alabama says “I was skeptical but it worked for me!”

[Female Correspondant]: I’m here Canadian Pharmacy 0nline, Achieve Better Sexual Health with less expenses. Our goal is to be your complete solution when it comes to your medications.

[Male Anchor]: That’s right. Sports! Umpire eureka. Skulk cablet pilous. Owing bandar wherry onus devout excite skater iron! Pott scurry glaive glider? Jerry?






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We’ve been busy!

We’re hard at work on a bunch of new stuff, and polishing up some older work. We have a bunch of upcoming shows which we’ll post about within the next couple days: 3rd Ward, NYU and beyond (maybe even Texas and Canada? Who knows!).






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Can we call it a Duo Show?

Patrick and I are going to be applying for the Spring Solo Show @ 3rd Ward. If we get it, we’ll be producing and performing two original works and putting all the finishing touches on Hannah. We’d also put together a few video woks and use the shop to build some podiums and forms to project onto. We think we’re a solidly awesome fit, but its up to the judges.






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